The Spork

The beauty of the spork shines brightest amidst the rugged wilderness of a camping expedition. Its compact design and multifunctional prowess make it an indispensable tool for outdoor enthusiasts. As the sun sets over the tranquil wilderness, the spork emerges from the depths of the backpack, ready to tackle any culinary challenge that the campfire may present. With a single utensil, one can effortlessly scoop hearty stews, spear succulent chunks of grilled meat, and delicately ladle hot soup into waiting bowls. Its versatility knows no bounds, simplifying mealtime rituals amidst the rustic charm of the great outdoors. With each bite taken under the starry sky, the spork becomes more than just a utensil; it becomes a symbol of resourcefulness and adaptability, seamlessly blending into the natural tapestry of the wilderness. In the simplicity of its design lies its true beauty, offering a glimpse of elegance even in the most rugged of settings.

The Scoring System:

Introducing the Spork Rating System – the ultimate measure of versatility and functionality for all your dining needs! Whether you’re a culinary aficionado or simply enjoy the convenience of multifunctional utensils, the Spork Rating System has got you covered. Here’s how it works:


  1. Sporkability:

    • Definition: How effectively does the utensil combine the features of a spoon and a fork?
    • Rating Scale:
      • 1 Spork: Barely functional, more like a compromised spoon or fork.
      • 2 Sporks: Functional, but one aspect (spoon or fork) may be lacking.
      • 3 Sporks: Well-balanced combination of spoon and fork functionalities.
      • 4 Sporks: Highly effective integration, providing a seamless transition between spoon and fork usage.
      • 5 Sporks: Perfect harmony between spoon and fork, setting the standard for spork excellence.
  2. Durability:

    • Definition: How sturdy and long-lasting is the spork?
    • Rating Scale:
      • 1 Spork: Fragile, prone to bending or breaking with regular use.
      • 2 Sporks: Fairly durable, but may show signs of wear over time.
      • 3 Sporks: Moderately durable, withstands typical usage without major issues.
      • 4 Sporks: Highly durable, capable of enduring rigorous use and cleaning.
      • 5 Sporks: Virtually indestructible, built to last a lifetime.
  3. Comfort:

    • Definition: How comfortable is the spork to hold and use?
    • Rating Scale:
      • 1 Spork: Uncomfortable, with awkward or sharp edges.
      • 2 Sporks: Somewhat comfortable, but may cause discomfort during prolonged use.
      • 3 Sporks: Comfortable, with ergonomic design and smooth edges.
      • 4 Sporks: Very comfortable, providing a pleasant dining experience.
      • 5 Sporks: Exceptionally comfortable, feels like a natural extension of your hand.
  4. Versatility:

    • Definition: How well does the spork handle various types of food?
    • Rating Scale:
      • 1 Spork: Limited versatility, struggles with certain types of food.
      • 2 Sporks: Moderately versatile, suitable for most but not all food types.
      • 3 Sporks: Versatile, capable of handling a wide range of foods with ease.
      • 4 Sporks: Highly versatile, excels in various culinary situations.
      • 5 Sporks: Unmatched versatility, adept at tackling even the most challenging dishes.

Overall Rating:

  • The overall rating is determined by averaging the scores across all categories.


Let’s say a spork receives the following ratings:

  • Sporkability: 4
  • Durability: 5
  • Comfort: 4
  • Versatility: 4

The overall rating would be: (4 + 5 + 4 + 4) / 4 = 4.25 Sporks

So, this particular spork would have a rating of 4.25 Sporks out of 5, indicating its excellent overall performance across all categories.


Purchased: Canadian Tire

Cost: $4.49 CAD

Sporkability – 1/5

While it does encompass the definition of “Fork with spoon” this is definitely not the traditional spork. There’s not overlap between fork and spoon or spoon and fork. This is a “Spork” with emphasis on the quotations.

Durability — 3.5/5

This spork is fairly durable. It’s made of a hard plastic and probably wouldn’t withstand being hit with a hammer, rock, or tank. However, it would withstand a gentle tossing around in a backpack for an extended period.

Comfort – 4/5

It’s sporkcomfortable. You can use it both hands with ease. The main detriment is if you use the spoon and then use the fork portion, you may have food drip down on to your hand which would be a massive inconvenience.

Versatility – 3.5 /5

It doesn’t go very well into the steak as the tines are rather thick. The “knife” on the side of the fork area is utterly useless for steak. May work well to cut mashed potatoes. The spoon works well, as well as a spoon works anyway.

Total: 3/5

Outtabounds Spork


For the price point it’s an adequate spork. Not something I would use as my daily spork but it would be good to keep in your glove compartment or spare bag as a backup spork.


Purchased: Cabelas

Cost: $4.49 CAD for 2

Sporkability – 1/5

This is the second in the series of not being super Sporklike. The Spoon is at one end and the fork at the other. It could be better, but it’s not.

Durability — 4/5

This spork is slightly more soft than the Outbounds one. It bends easier but feels more like it will just bend and not snap break. It’s a stiffer spork.

Comfort – 3,5/5

It’s sporkcomfortable.  The UCO provides a grippy area to grab on to. 

Versatility – 3.5 /5

It went better than expected into the steak. Still had some problems due to the tines being thicker on the edges. The knife is useless. The problem with the lettering is that it is indented and could collect dirt and other grime causing possible contamination.

Total: 3/5


The price point can’t be beat. Two sporks! However the contamination factor with the indented hard to clean lettering and the lack of sporkability brought this spork down.